The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles’ first movie soundtrack. They’re really hitting their stride now.


I was talking with my friend Silvia the other day and she mentioned this album as it was up next on the blog. She said that she must have watched this movie at least 100 times and could quote it all start to finish. I asked her how that was possible and her response was that it was one of the only movies that her local library had when she was growing up in South America. In fact, it was how she learned to speak English, just listening to it over and over.

This made me think about how big an impact The Beatles have had all over the world. It wasn’t just a UK or US thing, it was a GLOBAL thing. All continents, all peoples. Truly amazing.

I admit, I haven’t actually watched any of The Beatles’ movies except for Yellow Submarine. I’ve read the stories about making them, but not seen the actual films. I’m going to try and do this soon. But, since this blog is about the music, I’m going to plow ahead.

A Hard Day’s Night

That opening chord. Need I say more? It’s a fantastic, ear catching way to kick off an album. Amazing song, written in such an off the cuff style that is all Beatles.

According to my Beatles songbook, the chord is a Gsus4. Tab is below:







By itself this is really nothing special. But, the studio magic of this is that at the same time John is playing this chord, George is simultaneously playing the barre chord version on a 12-string guitar, which gives it that ringing harmony. Paul also plays the root note to give added depth. Looking at the music, this is a very simple song, anybody could play it. But, that’s the trick, isn’t it? It’s very hard to sound like The Beatles doing it.


If I Fell

This is an amazing song. So sweet and heartfelt. Probably one of my top ten Beatles songs. The harmonies between John and Paul are so tight and well done. Perfect for an acoustic guitar and two singers. I had a very hard time finding the Beatles version, but here is one they did live on BBC.


I would like to also play the Across the Universe version of this song. It’s a unique take on the song, so is worth hearing. This scene is were Lucy begins to fall for Jude. Such an amazing voice.

Can’t Buy Me Love

The live recordings are getting much better by this point in their career. They’re great performers, so this version is almost identical to the album version. Can we just assume we’re past the whole Money (That’s What I Want) controversy already? Great upbeat song. More pop sounding, like most of the ones on this album.


Final thoughts. Wikipedia tells us that this was the first album that the four lads wrote every single song. This explains the stylistic change from Rock to a more Pop sound. They had found their own voice and were taking off.

And, of course there’s the story about the title of the album, which is based on a “Ringo-ism”. Ringo had a unique way of speaking where he’d sometimes just make up words or phrases to say exactly what he was trying to express. If the normal lexicon just wasn’t enough. Very unique individuals.

Hope you enjoyed the post!