Road Trip: Part 1

I looked back to my son and asked him “Are you ready to rock?”  Yes, Daddy!!  And so it begins. Rolling down I-40, heading toward Michigan, my original home, I push in the first CD and hit play….

70’s Classic Rock – Original Masters

OK, so I cheated. The first album does not actually start with an A, it starts with the character “7”, which technically is before A. It was one of those albums you get for $4.99 from a bin at the grocery store, I bought it about 10 years ago. Here’s a picture of the cover:

70s rock

Despite being in the bargain bin, it’s actually a great album. Here are the highlights:

Boston – More Than a Feeling

What an awesome way to start off an album. I took a Pro Tools music recording class several years ago and we got the original tracks from the studio recording and our class project was to re-EQ this song using today’s production tools. Despite our best efforts, all we could think to do was add a little more low end to the bass drum and extend a few of the vocal sections, adding some reverb on the tails. That’s it, everything else was perfect. What a great recording.

Free – Alright Now

The opening chords to this song are excellent. Just so confident and in your face. And the groove is so good. Love the bass line in this song. My music production ear just LOVES the way they mix in what I think is a wood block along with the percussion sounds. It was mixed in there so tastefully. Usually cowbell/wood block just bleeds all over the mix, but this one is placed in the song perfectly. Listen for it, you won’t be able to un-hear it:

Doobie Brothers – China Grove

A sleepy little town, just outside San Antone. I lived in Austin, TX for 12 years and saw the sign for China Grove every time I drove down to San Antonio for something. Yes, it’s a real place. One of my only regrets about living down there was that I never took the 15 minutes to pull off the road and get a picture of myself by the sign. Probably wouldn’t have been as cool as I imagine, but I love little bits of rock history like that.

Thanks for listening. AC/DC was next on our road trip and I will cover that in my next post, Road Trip: Part 2.