The Beastie Boys

I don’t use the words groundbreaking or revolutionary very often, but I am going to with these guys.


I don’t use the words groundbreaking or revolutionary very often, but I am going to with these guys. The Beastie Boys, along with Run DMC, broke the mold for rap groups by including hard rock guitars into their sound. What made the Beasties unique though was their sometimes odd lyrics and funny stories they tell in the songs. Like their obsession with White Castle or the way Yav would just make up words to rhyme with the previous line. As a young Midwestern kid, it was something that I have never heard anything like before and I liked it.

License to Ill


I bought this tape soon after hearing Fight for Your Right on the radio. It was one of those tan cassette tapes and I listened to it mercilessly in my brand new ghetto blaster that I had just gotten for my tenth birthday. Of all the tapes I owned, I’m surprised this one survived. My brother and I would rap the songs on it, each of us taking one of the singers. In fact, we got so good at Paul Revere that we could actually perform the song without the music.

One last story about License to Ill. My friend A.J. from the neighborhood got to see them in concert when they went on tour for this album. For about 5 minutes, anyways. They were pumping up the crowd before their first song and let loose so much profanity in those first couple of minutes that his mom turned right around and marched him out of the arena. So, he was the luckiest guy in the neighborhood for just a short period.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn, this song rocks hard. It’s a parody they made about glam metal bands and the video is hilarious. One of the few videos from the 80’s that is actually good. Enjoy… (sorry, you’ll have to click the link, it isn’t showing up in the post right)

There’s some other really good stories about this album, like what you see in the mirror if you look at the album cover. You can find them on Wikipedia:


Paul’s Boutique


So, time moved on and musical interests changed. As a kid that happens very quickly. About three years later, my brother Tommy comes home from a friend’s house all excited and tells me about this new album he heard by the Beastie Boys. “The Beastie Boys?”, I say. “Those guys aren’t cool anymore”.  To this day, almost 30 years later, I STILL feel rotten about saying that, because he ended up not getting it and didn’t listen to it anymore. I admit, I was so wrong.

A good friend of mine, Larry, whom I met while I was working second shift at the GM factory set me straight about ten years later. He was an audiophile, much like myself and introduced me to all kinds of music that I had missed out on. You never know when or where you’re going to make great friends with similar interests. He told me a story about this album, where with all of the sampling of Beatles and other songs that’s done on it if it were done today it would cost several million dollars to make.

Read more here:

This album was very deep with some awesome songs. Here’s Egg Man, which is very groovy baby.

Shake your Rump is another great track. Love the funky guitars in this one.

And finally, Hey Ladies, which is probably their biggest hit off this album. Totally sweet. the video for this song is totally inappropriate and totally ridiculous. My favorite part is the mariachi band saying “Hey Ladies”. Just crazy, which is exactly what you should be expecting from them by now.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got. These guys are one band that I’d like to expand my collection. Up next is The Beatles, probably my favorite band of all time.

Until next time, never stop listening.



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