The Ataris

California surfer rock never sounded so good! Or you could use the official name: Pop Punk.


California surfer rock never sounded so good! Or you could use the official name: Pop Punk. You either like these guys or you don’t, there’s really no middle ground. I heard their cover of “Boys of Summer” on the radio several years back and was hooked. I love the singer’s voice and I like the straight ahead guitars and upbeat rhythm. Kind of a poor man’s Blink 182. And ironically, I don’t actually have any Blink 182 albums.

I prefer the lyrics in the The Ataris songs over Blink 182. More substance, it’s actually worth listening to IMO. The songs are about coming of age, heartbreak, and moving on, but they seem more genuine. I’m a sucker for “coming of age” movies like Juno, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Paper Towns, as my brother David pointed out to me a while back. Makes sense I’d identify with these songs. One bit of trivia, the lead singer who created this sound is actually originally from Anderson, Indiana. About as far from an ocean as you can be, but he moved there as soon as he could.

End is Forever

the-ataris-end is forever

I had more of their albums, but eventually sold off some after listening more than a few times. They were so cheap online, I just ordered them all at $1 each. These two made the final cut. End is Forever is their 3rd studio album and I feel they really hit their stride in this and the next one, So Long, Astoria.

This is the song that started it all for me: Boys of Summer. Is has their signature sound. Like I said above, either you like it or you don’t. I love it.


So Long, Astoria


A much more “complete” album than any they made before. The best songs are not covers, but ones they wrote themselves. I’ll highlight a few of my faves here.

The title track, So Long, Astoria. The guitars build a wonderful moving harmony through the chord changes.

I absolutely love this song. It’s beautiful. Plus it’s a break from their usual style. It’s a song about growing up without your dad. So sad, but beautiful.


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