The Inauspicious Beginning

Kicking off the A to Z Playlist!


Hello everyone, thank you for checking out my page.

This blog is intended to take you along with me on a journey through my enormous CD collection. I will be listening straight through: A to Z. Expect huge doses of rock and blues, but know that there will always be a surprise lurking around the corner. I will play them all, guilty pleasures included.

Along this journey, I will be sharing stories about the music in my own life, people from the bands I met, and my observations about the albums themselves. I have some experience in music production and recording, so I hope to give you more than just “this guitar solo on track 3 is awesome!” Although, as a fan there will probably be some of that as well.

I’m excited to get started, hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Best regards,



Author: BigDAtoZ

A technical writer with a love of music, ice hockey, running, and most importantly being a family guy. I created this blog to chronicle my A to Z playlist of over 500 music CDs. Working from home means I can listen to whatever I want, as loud as I want.

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